Città Dell’Altrove

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Posso finalmente pubblicare il mio ultimo (e unico!) cortometraggio. Un viaggio fantastico all’interno di quattro città improbabili. Mi sono occupato di regia, fotografia e montaggio, le sculture sono di Alessandra Borsetti Venier, le musiche di Gianluca Venier. Tutti i libri che … Continue reading

MedSYNC M/R 88

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I’ve always been fascinated by Aaron Beck‘s concept art. He did a tremendous job on District 9 many years ago, and his ideas for mecha and robots are now widely used in every concept for Sci-Fi films, from Elysium to … Continue reading

Showreel 2016

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Showreel showcasing some of the modelling and texturing tasks I completed on several feature films from 2012 to 2016. Show list: 2016 – Suicide Squad 2015 – The Martian 2014 – Guardians of the Galaxy 2014 – Interstellar 2013 – … Continue reading

Project F458 Italia

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  This is a “little” experiment I did using a mid-poly Ferrari 458 Italia steering wheel and dashboard and a high resolution texture (4096x4096px). I wanted to test the look of different materials and variants in Marmoset Toolbag for a … Continue reading

Demoreel 2013

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After months of cuts, stretches, crossfades and biblical rendering times, I’m proud to present my demoreel, based on my latest personal works I made from 2010 to 2012. All the works have been modeled/sculpted in 3D Studio Max and Zbrush, and … Continue reading

Combine APC

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A friend and colleague of mine is working on an EPIC short film based on Half Life 2 world. The title is “I am The Freeman”. Here is the teaser trailer: I’m helping him a little bit by making the … Continue reading

Colonel Walter Kurtz

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I decided to join a quick likeness sculpt challenge on CG Feedback forum. It had deadline of two weeks. When I posted my final sculpt I ended up last. I admit my work wasn’t very good 😀 So I decided to … Continue reading


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After my new job at Weta Digital kept me busy for a while, I decided to work on a personal project again. The idea was to improve my sculpting skills and my human anatomy knowledge by modelling a female portrait. … Continue reading