Combine APC (Model)

A friend and colleague of mine is working on an EPIC short movie based on Half Life 2 world. The title is “I am The Freeman”. Here is the teaser trailer:

I am the Freeman

I’m helping him a little bit by making the (in)famous combine APC. This is the original concept made at Valve for Half Life 2:

Reference artwork Reference artwork

Using military vehicles as references, I added some details to make it look more believable and realistic, but I also tried to maintain the vintage/futuristic look.

This is what I got so far. Only some minor details of the chassis are still missing.


  1. Tim

    Amazing work, especially considering I am a huge fan of Half Life 2. What program/programs did you use to make this? And how many UVW maps did create for this? Thanks

    • Hi, thanks! I’m really glad you appreciate it. I used 3D Studio Max for modelling, and Vray for the renders. I created One map for the wheel, one for the front area, two for the main body, one for the framework underneath and one for the rifle. Then, of each map, I created few textures: beauty, specular level, glossiness and bump. Check this out again when it’ll be finished!