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Who am I?

Hello world,
my name is Gianpietro Fabre, I’m a VFX artist specialized in modelling and texturing for feature films and videogames. Here is a sum of my skills:

  • Take Concept Art and interpret it into plans for realistic, low poly or high poly, accurate model. Research and document appropriate references, for example accurate anatomy or mechanics and scale.
  • Build digital assets (characters, creatures, hard surface models, props, environments) and reach an accurate and efficient level of detail appropriate to a real-time videogame, pre-visualization environment, or high-end CG sequence.
  • Create extensive texture and UV layouts for texturing assets that are appropriate to the style of the film and match other artists work.
  • Strong teamwork capability combined with great self management.

Professional Experience:

Software Knowledge:

  • Maya, 3D Studio Max, Softimage XSI, UV Layout, Vray
  • ZBrush, Mudbox
  • Photoshop, Nuke, Mari, Katana
  • After Effects, Premiere, Lightroom