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Servicios Publicos: Lemmy the Robot

A friend of mine is following his dream and he is directing his own independent short film that will mix Metropolis, Brazil, Blade Runner and will be placed in a distopic South American city. The idea is very intriguing and the project has been going on for a while. They spent a lot of effort and it seems very promising! There is a production diary and a website: Anyway, I had the chance to work on Lemmy the Robot, one of the character of the film. I got the concept arts, a basic model and I tried to push it to my very best, using my VFX production experience. After I delivered the model I wanted to create a scene with it, not related to the film, but still with that mood. My friend liked the idea, so here are the results! The film will be in Black and White, so I converted the normal renders to see how could they look. Kinda better! In case you are interested, here are the full resolution renders (3300 x 2600 px):

The making-of Lemmy the Robot has been published on the September 2014 issue of 3D Creative Magazine. On their website it’s possible to see a preview of it, or to buy the full issue:

gianpietro_fabre Otherwise you can go to this page and have a read through!