Showreel 2016

Showreel showcasing some of the modelling and texturing tasks I completed on several feature films from 2012 to 2016.

Show list:
2016 – Suicide Squad
2015 – The Martian
2014 – Guardians of the Galaxy
2014 – Interstellar
2013 – Maleficent
2013 – World war Z
2012 – The Hobbit, an unexpected journey

Music: Ratatat – Cream on chrome

You can watch the HD version here: Gianpietro Fabre | Showreel 2016

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  1. Phenomenal depth in your work. I was immediately impressed by your portfolio. I saw your Combine APC sculpture/3D Model. Back in the day I followed the “I am the Freeman” trailers. I am hoping to eventually get into the industry as a composer. Hopefully games.

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