Summer - Updated version 2012 © 2007 . All rights reserved.

This is my first attempt to model a character. I got convinced by a friend to learn Softimage XSI, so I used this project as a gym. I took me a very long time, more than one year, to model, … Continue reading

Formula BMW

Formula BMW - Render 01 © 2007 . All rights reserved.

I model this car with Softimage XSI as a work for a friend. It was supposed to be added in a new release of NetKar Pro, but unfortunately this mod never saw the light. I still have the specifications for … Continue reading

Interceptor Tribute

Interceptor Tribute - Frame 04 © 2005 . All rights reserved.

My passion for the Mad Max trilogy wasn’t expired yet, so I decided to grab the model, rig it and use some of the new skills I learned in my first year at Milestone to produce a short movie. It’s … Continue reading

Ford Falcon Big Bopper

Ford Falcon Big Bopper - Render 01 © 2004 . All rights reserved.

After with the interceptor I spent a short amount of time to convert the model into one of the other police cars of the movie. And after all the emails I received, I started to consider modelling all of them.

Ford Falcon Interceptor

Ford Falcon Interceptor - Render 01 © 2004 . All rights reserved.

Another legendary car I wanted to recreate was the Interceptor, from the first movie of the Mad Max trilogy. I didn’t think that it would have much success since the movie is is a milestone only in Australia, but fairly … Continue reading

Piaggio NRG MC3

Piaggio NRG Mc3 - Render 01 © 2004 . All rights reserved.

In this period I was receiving loads of emails of kids asking me to make a scooter mod for GTA – Vice City.  I thought it was a good idea so I used my girlfriend’s brand new scooter as reference … Continue reading

Shelby GT 500 ’67

Shelby GT 500 '67 - Render 04 © 2004 . All rights reserved.

Following the big success of the modified version of the Shelby GT 500 I decided to model the original car using what I already had as a base mesh. I believe the result was really great and this is my favourite mod!