Shelby GT 500 E

Shelby GT 500 E - Render 01 © 2004 . All rights reserved.

This has been my luckiest mod ever! I watched the movie Gone in 60 seconds and I fell in love with the car used for the final chase sequence: a modified Shelby GT 500. So I decided to model one … Continue reading

Ducati 996

Ducati 996 - Render 01 © 2003 . All rights reserved.

This is the first of a list of mods i’ve made for GTA – Vice City. The game had just been released, the community of modders was vibrant, and this has been one of the first mods, so it became … Continue reading

Renault 5 GT Turbo

Renault 5 GT Turbo - Render 02 © 2003 . All rights reserved.

This is my very first model worth a mention. Made with NURBS in Rhinoceros 2.0. Rendered in 3D studio Max with the first release of Final Render.